Ohio Lakeside Regional Investment Center (OLRIC) is dedicated to providing investors with outstanding information, service, and support.

EB-5 Projects Selection

OLRIC will perform due diligence for you before offering an EB-5 investment project. This process includes:

  • Employing expert economists to evaluate the project;
  • Analyzing the Business Plan and Market Analysis;
  • Investigating each Project Principal with a detailed Background Review;
  • Utilizing a USCIS-recommended Econometric Method to ensure project will meet the EB-5 job creationrequirements; and
  • Creating a Limited Partnership to join all Investors as Limited Partners, promoting efficient management and fulfillment of EB-5 requirements.

EB-5 Projects Management

OLRIC will act as the Manager of the Project’s Limited Partnership, conducting day-to-day management duties and providing advisory, administrative and other services pursuant to the Partnership Agreement of the Partnership. 
As the Manager, OLRIC will:

  • Monitor the ongoing financial performance of each project;
  • Present semi-annual progress reports to the Limited Partnership;
  • Maintain Limited Partnership books and records;
  • Retain trusted Attorneys, Auditors, and other professionals on behalf of the Limited Partnership; and
  • Ensure compliance with the stated exit strategy for each Investor’s funds.