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Investment with Ohio Lakeside Regional Investment Center (OLRIC)  provides many benefits:

  • Safe and reliable way to get a U.S. green card. OLRIC’s investment opportunities have been evaluated by economists and reviewed by the USCIS before offered to you.  This investment has a high likelihood of meeting the job creation requirement.
  • Safe and reliable way to get investment returns. OLRIC utilizes a loan model for investment.  Therefore the investment is safer and more reliable.
  • High probability of success. OLRIC will recruit only the best people in the field with proven track record of success for each project.  Therefore, the projects have a high probability of success.
  • ORLIC’s Investment Project is within a Targeted Employment Area and requires only $500,000 Investment instead of $1,000,000.
  • OLRIC accounts for both direct and indirect job creation.
  • No requirement for the source of your investment capital, as long as it is lawful.
  • No requirement to daily manage your investment, and freedom to pursue other personal and professional ventures.
  • No requirement to live in Cleveland, OH.
  • EB-5 Investment Visas extend to immediate family members.
  • Your children can attend public and private schools, colleges, and universities for the same cost as U.S. citizens!